The DOGPOUND OffCourt Body Spray for Athletes

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No pain, no gain – that’s the age-old mantra that athletes of all backgrounds use to motivate themselves to complete that final rep or take that final step over the finish line. But when it comes to keeping your skin fresh and clean, pain is the last thing that should be on your mind. 

Far too many hygiene products aren’t designed to work with athletes and their skin, resulting in a frustrating lack of consistency, a failure to crush odors, and an overall disappointing experience. But this experience doesn’t have to be a reality any longer thanks to the OffCourt x DOGPOUND Body Spray for Athletes.

If you need a deodorant that can stand the test of even the most vigorous workouts, look no further. OffCourt and DOGPOUND have created your one-stop solution to smelling and feeling amazing.

Introducing DOGPOUND x OffCourt Body Spray for Athletes

Training like a machine works up a sweat. That’s why OffCourt and the DOGPOUND gym joined forces to design a deodorizing fragrance body spray that works with your skin from start to finish. We’ve added a signature, gender-neutral fragrance to OffCourt’s proven odor-fighting base formula to create a truly one-of-a-kind product.

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All OffCourt spray options are rich with odor-controlling ingredients and aluminum-free actives that crush odor while allowing your body to sweat as it’s meant to. Our body spray also features a packed profile of prebiotics to support the growth of “good” bacteria and keep stinky “bad” bacteria out of business. 

No matter what your version of #SmashCity looks like, this OffCourt DOGPOUND collab is sure to give you the confidence and fresh burst you need to take the day by storm.

What Makes DOGPOUND x OffCourt Unique

The OffCourt DOGPOUND body spray is so much more than just a deodorant – it packs all the power of a fragrance and odor-buster into one bottle. Our body spray for athletes is designed with the unique needs of sweat, all with the exclusive high end fragrance you’d expect from any DOGPOUND project. You won’t find a deodorant that smells as luxurious as this one anywhere else. With notes of sparkling citrus, saffron, white musk, suede, and vetiver, this OffCourt x DOGPOUND body spray creates a sophisticated and energized fragrance that will push you through your toughest moments.

Its overall long-lasting suede scent profile has a lasting power of eight hours or more, depending on the amount applied and your sweat levels. You won’t need to reapply this body spray again and again – a few spritzes to freshen up are all you’ll need to stand out from the crowd.

Fans and DOGPOUND enthusiasts agree: there’s no better way to keep your skin in top shape as you move.

“If you put on cologne, it’s too strong. Deodorant doesn’t stay as long… so it’s the perfect balance.”

-Kirk Myers, DOGPOUND Founder & Trainer

A Body Spray that Works as Hard as You Do

At OffCourt, we know the key to a powerful sweat-friendly product isn’t to overwhelm the senses. It’s easy to go overboard on both deodorant and cologne, which can create an offputting mix of sweat and eye-burning fragrance. But the OffCourt x DOGPOUND body spray for athletes contains a fresh, none overpowering scent that won’t overpower your nose, even if you overdo it. 

Because it’s formulated without aluminum, which typically is used to clog sweat-secreting pores, OffCourt’s body spray lets your sweat leave your body the way it’s supposed to so that you can cool off effectively. It also keeps your skin safe and makes freshening up a breeze; there’s no need to cover up sweat that’s already evaporated away. 

Our gender-neutral, modern fragrance in the body spray will leave you feeling and smelling polished as you navigate your day. We know that the transition in and out of the gym should be as pain-free as possible – with OffCourt, the only thing you have to sweat is your workout.

How to Smell Good While Sweating with OffCourt

Using your OffCourt x DOGPOUND body spray is as easy: all you’ll need to do is spray underarm for a few seconds for targeted odor protection that will last all day. Or, if you’d like to mix it up, apply the body spray all over to use it as a refreshing, uplifting cologne.

For the occasional athlete, trying to smell good while working out may seem like a low priority. But for a training regimen fit for the DOGPOUND fitness center, sweat becomes your best friend.

Even when you aren’t hitting the gym, your skin is still exposed to more sweat than the average person. That means it deserves a product that’s tailored to meet its needs. At OffCourt, our mission is to create innovative, gender-neutral hygiene products that empower athletes to perform at their best. Our body spray is one simple way to make this goal a reality.

But that doesn’t mean the fun has to end there. OffCourt carries a range of body washes, soaps, and fragrances that will complete your post-workout routine. With OffCourt, you can leave the gym feeling more confident (and smelling better) than ever before.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a dedicated athlete in and out of the gym, don’t wait – try the OffCourt x DOGPOUND Body Spray for Athletes today. OffCourt makes it simple to buy body spray online alongside all the other hygiene products you need to set yourself ahead. See the difference that a refined, skin-friendly deodorizing solution can make for yourself.


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