Performance Body Spray - Trio Pack

Performance body products, for active lifestyles

Clean, Functional Formulas. 
Modern, Gender-Neutral Fragrances.


Science-backed ingredients that stand up to odor

Break a sweat,
not the bank

Tested on athletes, not bunnies

Modern, fresh scents you’ll want to sniff on repeat

"This stuff smells ridiculously good "Kevin C "I’m obsessed with the smell. I’ve gotten so many compliments" Brent A
"This has quickly become my go-to deodorant"Jonathan C "This s*** definitely smells good!" Lance A
"A serious upgrade compared to the stuff I used in college"David B "I can’t decide which is my favorite – I like them all " Chris E

'Different' Is In Our DNA


Formulated for active men to fight sweat’s side effects: dehydration and odor-causing bacteria

Drop of sweat

Science-backed, high-performance formulas. In other words, it actually works

Two guys playing basketball

Refreshing irresistible scents that won’t overpower (even if you overdo it)

Body spray coming out of the can