How to Smell Good: A Comprehensive Guide

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There’s something wrong with how society teaches most men to care for themselves. 

The problem isn’t a practice but a lack thereof; many men are never taught how to stay on top of personal hygiene and self-care. 

As a result, trying to learn how to smell better as a man can feel like taking a shot in the dark. Which products do you use, and which ones are a waste of your time? How can you ensure that you’ll stay fresh and clean all day long? 

In this guide, we’ll cover all you need to know to smell attractive and feel like your best self. There’s a lot more to smelling nice than using cologne. Once you’ve learned the principles of a hygiene routine fit for a man, you can customize yours to fit your needs.

Shower Often with Your Best-Smelling Body Wash

Smelling amazing starts in the shower. You don’t necessarily need to do it all the timeshowering a few times a week is enough for most people. 

However, if you work out, have a job that involves manual labor, or simply tend to sweat more than others, daily showering is probably the way to go.

Regardless, make your time in the shower count. Wash your whole body (including its nooks and crannies) with good-quality soap or men’s body wash.

Quick tips for a game-changing shower routine

Elevate your shower game to the next level and smell fantastic all day with these essential tips.

  • Use a Tool: While you can use your hands to lather up, a washcloth or brush offers the added benefit of gentle exfoliation. This helps loosen up and scrub away dead skin, pollutants, and grime buried deep in your pores. 
  • Ditch the 3-in-1: These products can be drying or irritating. They also don’t usually work as well as individual products do for each area you’re targeting. Invest in a dedicated shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to maximize how good you can smell and feel.
  • Match Your Scents: Choosing products that share a scent helps keep the scent you create in the shower last much longer. At OffCourt, we offer the best-smelling body washdeodorant body spray, and other hygiene products for well-rounded results.

  • Wash Clothes and Linens Regularly

    You can smell good naturally by ensuring your clothes and bed linens are clean. Always change into fresh, clean clothes in the morning (including underwear), and wash your sheets every week or two. 

    Practice Good Dental Hygiene All the Time

    Smelling and looking your best can instantly be clouded by visibly unkempt teeth or bad breath. Fortunately, it’s usually pretty simple to turn your dental hygiene around for the better.

    Leftover food particles and poor dental hygiene are some of the most common sources of bad breath. A dry mouth is another common culprit. All of these factors make it easy for bacteria and their stinky byproducts to take over your mouth.

    Keep your mouth as fresh as the rest of your body by drinking plenty of water. Brush your teeth twice daily and floss regularly to keep food and bacteria at bay. You can also use mouthwash as an extra step if you’d like. 

    Smell Good Naturally by Prioritizing Self-Care

    Finding areas of improvement within your self-care is a necessary step on the journey to learning how to smell clean and fresh. Sometimes, even simple changes can lead to significant results.

    Keep facial hair in check

    There’s nothing wrong with having facial hair – in fact, a well-kept beard, mustache, or goatee can seriously step up your look. 

    But body hair and facial hair can trap sweat, bacteria, and dirt that might not smell amazing.

    To combat this and ensure you look and smell attractive, keep your facial hair trimmed and clean. You can take things to the next level by investing in facial hair care products like pomades, oils, and conditioners that smell nice and work well.

    Take care of your skin

    Don’t skimp out on skincare. While your skin’s health might not affect how you smell, it can certainly impact how you look and feel. 

    Try to wash and hydrate your face often with a good face moisturizer to keep your skin in optimal health. 

    How to make your hair smell good

    The easiest way to achieve great-smelling hair may be to coordinate the scents in your shampoo and conditioner (and use separate products). Leave your conditioner in for at least a minute or two while you shower to let it penetrate your strands deeply. 

    You can add a post-shower product like mousse, gel, or a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair smelling pleasant all the time

    Drink lots of water

    Upping your water consumption is a great step to take as you learn how to smell clean. Water affects the way we feel, look, and potentially how we smell, too. More water in your sweat may mean it tends to take longer to start to stink, for example.

    Always Use an Aluminum-Free Spray Deodorant

    Bacteria that live and thrive in the crevices on our body, including armpits, produce sulfuric compounds that create an unpleasant odor. 

    They love to feed off the sweat that commonly collects in this area, too, which means you need to work to keep your body dry and combat extra bacteria with good hygiene practices.

    To find a  deodorant that will keep you smelling your best all day long, you can count on OffCourt. Our Aluminum-Free Deodorant Body Spray Trio Pack features our signature Performance Body Spray in three fresh scents to add variety to your routine.

    Its innovative, aluminum-free formula is packed with prebiotics to support the growth of “good” bacteria and keep their odor-causing counterparts to a minimum. 

    Meanwhile, its three deodorizing ingredients join forces to fight body odor and prevent more from emerging throughout the day. 

    Smell Attractive All Day with a Signature Cologne

    While it is possible to smell good without cologne, skipping this step is like skipping the icing on a cake. 

    Choose a cologne that makes you feel good and smells pleasant not just to others but to you, too. OffCourt has three colognes that are premium, fresh and clean. Popular scents for men include woodsy aromas like pine or driftwood and musky, earthy smells.

    You can apply a few spritzes to your wrists, neck, collarbone and, for an extra touch, your ankles. Be careful not to go overboard on cologne, though – too much of a good thing can be quite the opposite. 

    How to Smell Better as a Man: Key Takeaways

    Smelling great as a man isn’t as tricky as it’s often made out to be. Like anyone else, men can benefit from a regular hygiene routine and taking steps to eliminate bodily odors before they emerge. 

    With some practice and dedication, you can find the products and practices that work best for your body. 

    Below are some of the most important points we’ve covered in this breakdown:

    • Shower often and mindfully to set yourself up for success. Use separate products for your body, face, and hair for the best results.
    • Smell good naturally by keeping the things you wear and the area you sleep in clean. Sheets should be cleaned every week or two. Always change into new underwear and clothes when you start your day.
    • Practice good dental hygiene and self-care techniques like using a lightweight moisturizer to feel your best. Drink more water throughout the day, too. These sorts of changes can help you smell attractive and feel more confident.
    • Keep the good smells coming by investing in quality men’s body spray and cologne. Products that resist and work well with sweat are ideal for staying fresh all day

    No matter your hygiene needs, you can rely on OffCourt for sweat-proof, skin-loving body products that smell amazing. View our full product range for other options that can help you stay fresh and clean regardless of what life throws your way. 

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