offcourt fig leaves + white musk body spray
man holding a body spray
A woman applying body spray on her body
An athletic man holding a body spray in hand
A man applying body spray over his body
offcourt fig leaves + white musk body spray
man holding a body spray
An athletic man holding a body spray in hand

“Best so far! I’ve tried several natural deodorants before and they literally all made my wife and I stink lol. These ones not only last all day but they smell fantastic as well! Good job! I’m hooked!”

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Performance Body Spray

3.4 OZ

Aluminum-free deodorant and body spray designed for underarm, body and over clothing – a premium scent that lasts all day and is guaranteed to get you compliments

Fig Leaves + White Musk
A mysterious green scent, earthy and balanced
A mysterious green scent, earthy and balanced
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  • Antimicrobial properties kill odor-causing bacteria 
  • Keeps you odor-free with an effective trio of deodorizing agents and prebiotics
  • Aluminum-free formula allows the body to sweat and breathe naturally
  • Prebiotic ingredients support the growth of ‘good’ bacteria to keep the odor-causing kind in check and support a healthy microbiome

Spray underarm for targeted body odor protection or apply all over as a refreshing fragrance

Alcohol Denat, Tetrafluoropropene, Triethyl Citrate, Fragrance, Propanediol, Water, Polyglyceryl-3 Caprylate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Xylityl Sesquicaprylate

Performance Body Spray

Fig Leaves + White Musk
With Prebiotics
Premium Unisex Scents
Odor Absorbing
With Prebiotics
Premium Unisex Scents
Odor Absorbing

Fresh green scent that smells clean, invigorating, and lively

The verdant essence of green fig leaves, balanced by earthy vetiver and airy white musk capturing the crisp, clean sensation of a freshly laundered white t-shirt

  • Top notes:

    Bergamot, Lime, Italian Fig Leaves

  • Middle notes:

    Cardamom, Green Figs, Violet Leaves, Rosewood

  • Base notes:

    Cedar, Vetiver, White Musk

Deodorant for modern, active life

A powerful 2-in-1 deodorant and premium fragrance for daily wear and on-the-go freshness


Powerful deodorizing and prebiotic ingredients trap odor, keeping you odor-free all day


Allows your body to breathe and sweat naturally while keeping you smelling your best


No flakes, residue, or stains with our baking soda- and starch-free formula


We outspend the competition 2-3X creating long-lasting, modern, fresh scents that rival luxury fragrances


OffCourt products and ingredients are never tested on animals


Ingredients and fragrances are vegan and gluten-free. For a complete list of our no-no ingredients, see here

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Al Porter
This is all I’ll use

Been an OC customer for a couple years now. Amazing scents that small great but don’t overpower and extremely effective antiperspirant properties due to prebiotics. Highly recommended.

Abby Chan
Love it!

I love this spray. I keep it in my gym bag and travel with often. The scent is light and airy without being too overpowering.

Love this product!!

Smells so delicious. Perfect for someone who’s always on the go—highly recommend

Hanieh Khataee
Performance body spray

Purchased for all the men in my family for Xmas and it was a hit. Wonderful refreshing scent, long-lasting, and absent of ammonia and other harmful products we often find in body sprays. Definitely recommend

George Heimberger
A magical scent

Fresh and subtle, forget the fragrances that knock you over… clean and appealing


No! OffCourt stops body odor but sweating is healthy and we believe you should sweat naturally. Antiperspirants contain aluminum compounds to plug sweat ducts, which can cause adverse health effects.

This is NOT an antiperspirant. Antiperspirants use aluminum salts to stop sweating. Deodorants allow you to sweat naturally but they remove body odor.

OffCourt’s products are gender-less, meaning all scents can be used by men and women who enjoy modern, fresh fragrances.

They are designed to last all day, but it will depend on how much you spray and how much you sweat. For longer staying-power, we suggest you spray your clothing as well as underarm and over the body and reapply after sweating, showers, and as needed.