The 25 Best Gifts for Athletes to Boost Performance & Healing

Whether for Christmas gifts, senior night, or any other special occasion, finding the best gifts for athletes takes some time and consideration. Different athletics create unique needs, and no two people exercise the same way. 

Fortunately, we’ve got the recommendations you need to find gifts for athletic boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, and kiddos that won’t disappoint. Let’s dive into some of our favorites.

5 General Gifts Ideas for Athletes 

Check out these popular gifts for athletes for quick, simple options that will delight just about anyone.

  • Fitness Journal or Log: You can opt for a designated fitness journal or a nice notebook to make it easy for your favorite athlete to monitor their progress.
  • High-Quality Headphones: What’s a good workout without some music? Make it easy for your friend or loved one to stay focused and energized with a nice set of earbuds or headphones. 
  • Durable Water Bottles: With exercise comes dehydration, especially for athletes who practice for hours a day. A large, sturdy water bottle makes it much easier to stay on track. 
  • Fitness Snacks: Protein- and fiber-rich snacks, energy beverages, and even supplement products are fun and simple gifts. 
  • Massagers: There are a ton of massagers on the market that target specific muscle groups. Pick one that makes sense for your athlete to help them heal and recover quickly. 

For the Runner

If you have a runner in your life, you’ll need gifts that help them support their body and thrive even after miles of exertion. 

1. OffCourt Facial Hydrator

Running, especially outdoors, exposes skin to wind resistance, sweat, and pollutants. Help runners keep their skin healthy and hydrated against even the harshest conditions with OffCourt’s Light-weight Facial Hydrator

Unlike others, our face moisturizer is made to work with sweat, not against it. It deeply hydrates the skin without causing pore clogs or irritation, making it a good face moisturizer for daily use.

Light-Weight Facial Hydrator


2. Supportive Running Footwear 

Shoes may seem an obvious addition to a list of gifts for athletes, but they’re essential for runners. 

Spending lots of time on your feet and putting body weight on them continuously demands a shoe that can keep up. Invest in specialized footwear to bring a smile to any runner’s face.

3. Cushioned Running Socks or Slippers

Socks, slides, and slippers with cushioned pressure points help relieve some of the burdens a runner’s feet carry as they exercise. 

4. Calf Stretcher and Strengthener

A calf strengthener and stretcher functions as a sort of trainer and recovery tool in one. Help your favorite runner get stronger and relieve tension or pain to support their progress from afar.

For the Gym Rat

You can find athletic men, women, and other folks from all backgrounds at the gym. The great thing about gyms is that they allow athletes to exercise in a way that feels best for them. Support this goal by giving a gift that supports any kind of gym workout.

5. OffCourt Gym Bag Kit

Our gym bag kit has everything an athlete needs to stay fresh on the go. It features our Facial Hydrator a good face moisturizer for exercise, a travel-size Body Wash, and our deodorant Body Spray in one convenient package.

6. OffCourt Core Collection All the Way Bundle

To give the best-smelling body wash and hygiene products available, try this comprehensive self-care bundle. It includes our Deep Cleansing Body Wash, Exfoliating Soap, Body Spray, and Fragrance in matching scents, plus our Facial Hydrator. Talk about good value!

7. Cooling Gym Towel

Gym towels with cooling fabrics wick away sweat and help athletes stay comfortable as they exercise.

8. Sturdy, Spacious Gym Bag

Make it easy for your gift recipient to tow necessary supplies to and from the gym with a durable bag with lots of pockets and compartments.

For Athletic Women

While athletic women can benefit from just about any other addition to this list, they also might have some unique needs of their own. Check out these gifts for her that are sure to please.

9. Durable and Breathable Workout Leggings

Many athletic women prefer to exercise in something lightweight and flexible. A nice pair of leggings or biking shorts ticks all the right boxes. Bonus points if it has pockets!

10. OffCourt Deep Cleansing Body Wash

Help your athlete get a powerful and refreshing clean with OffCourt. 

Our deeply cleansing and hydrating body wash for women features a sulfate-free formula alongside glycolic and lactic acids for particle-free exfoliation. Its skin-balancing and hydrating properties make it the best body wash for a post-workout skincare routine. 

11. Personalized Yoga Mat

Order a customized yoga mat with your gift recipient’s name, favorite color(s), symbols, and anything else that feels right. Even if she isn’t a yoga lover, a mat is a great surface to stretch, rest, and perform certain exercises on.

12. Comfortable Sports Bras

While buying items like these for all the athletic women in your life may not be possible, a high-quality sports bra can be a good choice for a significant other, friend, or sister. Most sizes run S-XL rather than following traditional bra sizes, which makes it a lot easier to purchase one that will fit. 

For the Sports Lover or Player

Whether your athlete is a sports lover or suits up to go out on the field, these winning gifts for athletes are top picks. 

13. OffCourt Signature Fragrance

Our Fragrance in Fresh Citron + Driftwood features lemon, mandarin, green apple, and grapefruit notes alongside driftwood for a scent that will leave any sports fan or athlete feeling confident. Pair our Fragrance with our aluminum-free spray deodorant and body wash or soap in the same scent for well-rounded results.

14. OffCourt Exfoliating Body Soap Trio Pack

OffCourt’s Exfoliating Body Soap Trio comes with three scents designed to exfoliate, hydrate, nourish, and cleanse all in one. 

Our exfoliating bar soap removes dead skin, bacteria, and sweat to keep skin healthy and fresh, making it ideal for those who need to exfoliate frequently due to regular exercise.

15. Muscle Recovery Bath Soak Pack

Invest in bath soaks designed to help muscles relax and heal to support your favorite athlete through every step of the recovery process.

16. Massage Balls or Rollers

Massage rollers are often used in training or physical therapy to help muscles relax. This helps them stretch and heal more effectively.

17. Personalized Jersey or Attire

As one of the most classic gifts for guys who love sports, a good, old-fashioned, personalized jersey or T-shirt is a definite hit for a fan.

For Young Athletes

These options for the sporty kid or teen in your life make great birthday gifts, senior gifts, and Christmas gifts. Help your young athlete learn to care for their body and muscles with the following recommendations. 

18. OffCourt Triple Threat Body Kit

This essential bundle features our Performance Body Spray, Exfoliating Body Soap, and Deep Cleansing Body Wash in matching scents. It’s the perfect choice for a college athlete or growing young athletes.

19. OffCourt Performance Body Spray Trio Pack

Our Body Spray Trio Pack, ideal for any athletic teenage guy, comes with our Performance Body Spray in three unique scents. 

OffCourt’s Body Spray is an innovative, aluminum-free spray deodorant formulated with prebiotics and deodorizing ingredients that fight the causes of body odor from the source. It also comes in fresh and clean scents that are gender-neutral and none overpowering. 

20. Athletics Camp or Classes

Perhaps the most invaluable gift you can give young athletes is experience. Paying for a session with a trainer or an athletic class is a gift that keeps on giving as your loved one grows and learns to hone their craft. 

Final Thoughts: Splurge on Top Gifts for Athletes with OffCourt

No matter what kind of gifts you choose for the athlete or sports lover you care about, you can count on OffCourt for top-performance body products. 

We create innovative products for active lifestyles to support athletic men, women, and anyone passionate about performance. 

Browse our full range of products to see what other gift ideas for athletes you can take advantage of.

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