Performance Body Spray

Fresh Citron + Driftwood

3.4 oz

Sweat happens. But bad smells are optional. This 2-in-1, deodorant cologne proves aluminum-free deodorant can actually work. Each spray fights odor at the source with three deodorizing ingredients and prebiotics. Premium fragrances come in three distinct scents to refresh on-the-go.

Technical specs:

  • Cleansing agents wipe the bacterial slate clean
  • Aluminum-free, odor-controlling active ingredients regulate odor production, while powerful deodorizing agents trap odor at its source
  • Prebiotics support the growth of “good” bacteria, keeping the odor-causing kind in check


A scent for every mood or activity – from a quick blast of freshness to all-day staying power. Get the entire collection and unlock free shipping. 

Black pepper wakes you up, sandalwood draws you in. A fresh and woody scent that sustains all day, while fresh coconut water and the energizing citrus of bergamot keep things from getting too heavy. More here.

There are two sides to fig, and this is the verdant, green leafy side, not the overripe sweet fruit side. All that green is balanced by white musk, which brings the clean feeling of a freshly laundered white t-shirt. Awake and ready to go. More here

Our lightest, cleanest scent. A combination of mandarin, grapefruit, and lemon that blend together seamlessly, balanced with crisp green apple , and subtle driftwood for depth and body. As refreshing as a cold shower after a long run. More here

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Eric Fidel
Good Smell - Long Lasting

Not much more needs to be said - it lasts through a day in the heat and a workout.

Jack Tucker
Great scent

Love this stuff, I will definitely be getting more in the future

Larry Pennington
Citron- Driftwood

Wow,this body spray/deodorant is the real deal.Awesome fresh scent.Now my two adult sons want to order this too!Good stuff.

Pawel Luszpak
Great smell

This is an amazing and great smelling deodorant and light cologne spray.

Curtis Hook
Finally found something that works!

Ive been struggling to find a deodorant that works for me for years. Big brands burn the hell out of my pits… I looked like I had 2nd degree burns and would have to go without deodorant for weeks until the burns went away. Smaller natural brands usually left stains on my shirts and used baking soda, which also burned my pits… just not for as long of a duration at a time. Baking soda free brands usually didn’t last a full day, used synthetic fragrances that burned my pits over time, or brands that worked for me suddenly disappeared. I wanted something that didn’t stain my shirts, didn’t burn my pits, smelled fresh, and lasted all day. I stumbled upon OffCourt and was curious. It sounded promising and convenient since it is a spray, but I was concerned… alcohol is the first ingredient and can be very irritating to skin. I decided to give it a shot - I figured $10 is worth it… the worst thing that could happen is it irritates my arms and I just use it like axe body spray on my clothes. Well, after a week of regular use, multiple times as day, through intense workouts and stressful shifts at work… I think I finally found my deodorant! It’s convenient, hasn’t irritated my skin, smells great, and lasts all day. The best part… it seems as though sweat and increased skin temperature activates it because I get more compliments about how good I smell when I would normally stink to high heaven (i.e. - after a workout, during grueling work, etc.). I ordered the fresh citron + driftwood but also love the other two samples that were sent, so I’ll be ordering the trio pack for sure.