Hello, we're OffCourt.
Nice to meet you.

We’ve launched with body spray, but we’re hard at work developing a full range of performance products, united by these principles.

Sweat doesn’t just smell—it causes dryness, dehydration, and a whole range of other unwanted side effects for skin and hair.

We’re the first-ever body brand built specifically to address them all, and leave you smelling good too.

We’re all about results. Our carefully calibrated formulas skip trendy (but unproven) ingredients and stick to science to deliver premium products at a price that’s realistic for the rest of us.

Nobody wants to smell like a locker room. We tapped some of the most talented names in the fragrance industry (and outspent our competitors by 2-3x) to make premium scents you’ll want to wear everywhere.

No overpowering clouds of synthetic spray allowed.