OffCourt Fragrance Showcase: Luxurious Unisex Scents for Everyone

Believe it or not, how you smell can significantly impact how you feel. It goes without saying that unwanted body odors can leave you feeling down in the dumps. On the flip side, a scent you love can revolutionize your daily confidence and mood. But, learning how to choose a scent you like and incorporating it into your routine can be tricky. Fortunately, there’s an OffCourt fragrance for everyone. 

Choose your signature OffCourt scent and mix and match products to find the combination that completes your routine. Let’s take a closer look at your options.

OffCourt’s Classic Fragrance: A Perfume and Cologne in One

When you see a product sold as a eau de toilette, you’re probably looking at what’s often known as a perfume or a cologne. At OffCourt, we’ve ditched the labels that separate some fragrances from others. We’ve created gender-neutral scents that work as a perfume or cologne (or both!) to offer long-lasting results to all.

What’s the difference between perfume and cologne, again?

Perfume vs. cologne: which is the best choice? And what makes these products different, anyway? In reality, many perfumes and colognes are separated not by their formula but by their scent profiles. 

Fragrances typically deemed “masculine” (often featuring woodsy, earthy, or musky notes) are usually sold as cologne. Meanwhile, lighter or “feminine” scents, which are generally sweet, floral, or fruity, are often sold as perfumes. 

While some colognes may be more potent than some perfumes (and vice versa), there’s no secret ingredient that makes each one unique. OffCourt’s Fragrance breaks beyond these traditional categorizations and proves that good scents are for everyone. Our unisex fragrances work hard to keep you smelling amazing, no matter who you are or what your day has in store.

Try OffCourt’s Fragrance & Other Goodies in a Signature Scent

Our profile of signature scents is something we take pride in at OffCourt, and that separates our products from anything else on the market. 

Whether you’re on the hunt for the best-smelling body wash, deodorant, perfume, or cologne, we’ve got your back. All you’ll have to do is choose a signature scent that matches your preferences. Our skin-friendly formulas will take it from there. 

Below, we take a look at each of our signature scents to help you find your perfect match. Can’t choose just one? We don’t blame you! Our Fragrance Trio Pack gives you the best of all worlds in one purchase – and it makes for a great gift!

Coconut Water + Sandalwood

Key Scent Notes: Coconut water, black pepper, sandalwood, cedar, bergamot

If you’re a fan of darker, deeper scents, look no further than Coconut Water + Sandalwood. This rich, unmistakable scent builds upon notes of cedar and sandalwood with refreshing coconut water and bergamot. Hints of black pepper are sure to surprise and delight your senses as you go through your day. Strike the perfect balance between dark and light with this luxurious and one-of-a-kind scent. 

Try Coconut Water + Sandalwood in our Fragrance, or layer it with our other products in matching scents for results that last all day:

Fragrance - Coconut Water + Sandalwood


Fresh Citron + Driftwood

Key Scent Notes: Grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, green apple, sea breeze, sandalwood

Leave the day's stress behind and take in the fresh and soothing scent of Fresh Citron + Driftwood. Layers of vibrant citrus make up the basis of this scent, while notes of airy driftwood and mineral-packed sea air add some complexity. Hit the beach or take the day by storm with an uplifting scent designed for an active lifestyle.

Experience the delicious scent of Fresh Citron + Driftwood in our Fragrance, or find it in any of our other products: 

Fragrance - Fresh Citron + Driftwood


Fig Leaves + White Musk

Key Scent Notes: Italian fig leaves, green figs, vetiver, white musk

Last but certainly not least is Fig Leaves + White Musk, a verdant and earthy scent that’s all about that green. Vetiver adds a mossy, woodsy twist to the fruity and invigorating notes of fig leaves and green figs. Meanwhile, white musk adds a crisp airiness to break up the rich undertones. 

A fig leaf scent might not seem like the most obvious choice, but we guarantee you won’t regret trying it. You also won’t find a fig-scented perfume or deodorant like ours anywhere else.

Get a whiff of  Fig Leaves + White Musk yourself in our Fragrance, or choose from one of our other product types in a matching scent:

Fragrance - Fig Leaves + White Musk


How to Choose a Scent You’ll Love

We can’t say enough about taking the time to choose a scent that truly speaks to you. Smelling good makes us feel better, plain and simple. When we know we smell and look our best, we tend to navigate the world with more confidence. And those small boosts to your self-esteem can add up over time!

Plus, choosing a scent that meshes well with your personality, style, and overall “vibe” can help you simplify the process of getting ready each day. All you’ll need is the right OffCourt products, and you’ll be set to smell amazing for hours on end!

So, how can you choose a scent that fits you? First, take some time to think about your scent preferences. Consider past scents you’ve owned or even the kinds of candles you might burn in your home. What profiles stand out the most? Natural scents? Spicy scents? Floral scents?

From there, you can determine what kind of body and layers you’d like your ideal scent to have. OffCourt’s signature scents are all designed around core notes that are beautifully complemented by layers of musk, wood, spices, and more. Choose one to start, and then try them all – you’re sure to find something that feels like the right fit. 

Once you choose a scent, it’s simple to shop for the OffCourt products you need. Our body washes, soaps and deodorant body sprays are all designed to layer nicely without creating an overwhelming finish. 

Our mission is to create innovative products made for active lifestyles but also modern lifestyles. It’s time to say goodbye to the arbitrary scent divisions of the past and welcome a new era that’s inclusive to all. Experience the hygiene products of the now and the future with OffCourt.

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