Is Working Out Good for Your Skin?

You probably know that working out is necessary for good physical health. But is working out good for your skin, too? Based on research that’s currently available, it seems like exercise is arguably one of the best things you can do for better skin. But the reasons why that might be different from what you’d expect. Let’s explore the benefits of exercise for healthy skin and unpack how you can use your workouts to revolutionize your complexion.

Is Working Out Good for Skin?

Working out is great for your skin because it gets your blood pumping and helps your body perform at its best. In fact, both exercise and sweat are good for your skin; they can help keep it clean, hydrated, and healthy. Regularly exercising is one of the easiest and most effective ways to transform your complexion.

Research shows that more active people tend to have better skin. This can be for many reasons – for one thing, exercise is likely to motivate you to follow a consistent routine that your skin benefits from. Likewise, working out might prompt you to drink more water and eat more nutritious foods.

But beyond these indirect influences, there are benefits of exercise for skin health that make working out well worth your time. 

Benefits of Working Out for Skin

So, is exercise good for the skin? If so, to what extent can we thank the physical activity itself and not the changes that come with it? Here are the top benefits of exercise for healthy skin based on what current research has to say.

Increased Blood Flow & Oxygen

You've probably noticed that you’re a bit flushed after a good workout but always seem to have a “glow” that makes your skin look radiant. This post-workout shine is so popular that cosmetic companies and skincare manufacturers constantly try to recreate it. 

But the true cause of that glow is the increase in blood flow to all organs that occurs when you exercise. And your skin, as your largest organ, doesn’t miss out on the fun – as oxygen and nutrients are delivered in higher amounts, skin cells are purged of impurities until they all but sparkle. 

So, exercise gives you a quick boost in blood flow and oxygen that helps your skin look and feel its best.

Natural Hydration

An interesting benefit that makes exercise good for skin health is its ability to improve the skin’s natural moisturizing function. One study found moderate and high activity levels could correlate with better skin hydration. Researchers believe that exercise stimulates mitochondrial growth, which helps compensate for DNA damage that occurs over time and disrupts our skin’s moisture barrier. 

Essentially, exercise jumpstarts cellular processes that help the skin keep itself hydrated. In normal, aging skin, these processes slow down over time, leading to dry, crepey skin. But regular activity seems to be able to lead to naturally hydrated skin that’s more resistant to aging.

Lowered Stress Levels

When you move in a way your body and mind enjoy, you’re burning off excess stress that might keep you up at night or strain your body. Fitness helps us stay relaxed and centered, which in turn benefits our physical and mental well-being. And less stress also means a lower risk of skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. 

Experts also point out that a regular fitness routine promotes better sleep, which can further boost the look and health of your skin.

How to Care for Your Skin When Exercising

Exercising may be great for your skin but can also take a toll if you’re not careful. Excess sweat that’s not washed away might clog pores or cause body acne. Similarly, friction from your workouts can lead to chafing. You need a comprehensive post-workout skincare routine to reap the benefits of exercise and none of the consequences. 

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Other Common Questions About Exercise & Skin Health

Even though we know exercise is good for your skin, current research still leaves many questions unanswered. Below are some more common areas of inquiry that surround this topic.

Does exercise help skin look younger?

It seems like exercise can not only help your skin look healthier but younger, too. One study found moderate to vigorous exercise caused participants to develop visibly younger-looking skin. It’s believed that exercise can reverse some of the skin cell changes that lead to signs of aging, such as a loss of elasticity. That’s because exercise improves your skin cells’ metabolism, helping them function more efficiently.

It’s also true that exercise can help stimulate collagen production by feeding your cells the nutrients they need to produce more of it. Working out can also cause the body to release growth hormones that stimulate collagen release. 

What exercise is best for skin benefits?

Any form of aerobic exercise seems to benefit the skin. Some anaerobic exercise options can also be beneficial but won’t deliver as much oxygen to your skin. Still, any movement that gets your heart pumping and sweat glands working is likely to help in some way. The simple act of sweating through your pores can help exfoliate your skin and give you a smoother complexion.

Does exercise improve skin tone?

Exercise can certainly improve skin tone by promoting better blood flow and helping your skin stay hydrated and plump. It might also help improve a dull complexion by naturally exfoliating your skin.

Why does your skin change color when you exercise?

Your skin takes on a flushed red appearance when you exercise because of increased blood flow. As your blood pumps to your organs, including your skin, it delivers intense bursts of oxygen and nutrients, but it also causes changes in color. You might also notice that your skin feels hot to the touch for the same reason.

Final Thoughts

So, is exercise good for the skin? The answer is a resounding “yes,” no matter how you choose to work out. What matters just as much as exercising, though, is choosing the right products for your lifestyle. 

OffCourt creates high-quality products for athletes who are serious about their hygiene game. Our unisex and carefully-tailored formulas are perfect for working with sweaty skin to deliver long-lasting results. Shop our full inventory to find more ways to keep your skin fresh as you move.

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