Gym Bag Essentials: What to Bring to the Gym

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It’s time to hit the gym. Or maybe it’s time to prep your gym bag for school. Regardless of where you’re headed, you’ll need to make sure your workout backpack is full of the supplies you’ll need to get moving, get clean, and get back to daily life.

When deciding what to put in your gym locker and bag, it helps to take a step back. Ask yourself what kinds of supplies you usually use and how you want to handle post-workout hygiene to set yourself up for success.

Below are our top recommendations for what to put in your gym bag for men, women, and everyone in between.

Must-Have Items for an Athlete's Gym Bag:

1- Appropriate Gym Shoes 

No piece of workout gear is more critical than a good pair of shoes. Make sure you bring some that fit the kind of exercise you’ll be doing. If you’ll mostly be running, for instance, opt for shoes that support your stride and aren’t overly bulky.

2- Reusable Water Bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated both so you can maximize your performance and to keep your body in good health. 

We recommend bringing a large, insulated, reusable water bottle that you can refill if needed. Make sure it packs enough capacity to fit your activity level – remember that you’ll need to replace any water you lose from sweat.

3- Workout Clothes

Whether you’re packing a gym bag for school or just prefer to change into your workout gear at the gym, double-check that you’ve got the right pieces in your bag.

You might need a fresh pair of underwear, a new bra, and, of course, a comfortable pair of pants and a top to move in. Don’t forget about socks!

4- Microfiber Gym Towel

You know you’re working hard when your sweat is practically dripping from your body. But all that moisture can be annoying and a little embarrassing to deal with in a public setting. 

Gym towels make it easy to wick away excess sweat so you can stay comfortable while you work out. A microfiber towel can quickly absorb moisture without needing to be rubbed into your skin, which helps you avoid irritation. 

Keep your towel in your locker at the gym or with you as you exercise to instantly refresh yourself.

5- Headphones or Earbuds

A staple of any good workout is a set of tunes to play in the background. Make sure you bring along a pair of Bluetooth headphones or earbuds to effortlessly jam out to your workout mix without yanking and bumping pesky cords.

6- Personal Care Items: The Best-Smelling Body Wash, Body Spray, and Face Moisturizer

No one smells great after being coated in sweat. You’ll likely want some quick and easy hygiene products on standby. Just as it’s crucial to consider skincare before working out, ensuring you have what you need to wash away sweat and grime after working out is key.OffCourt’s Gym Kit Bag is designed for post-sweat skin care and has all you need to walk out of your workout looking, feeling, and smelling amazing. It features conveniently-sized bottles of our Performance Body Spray, travel-size Deep Cleansing Body Wash, and Light-weight Facial Hydrator. Scrub away dead skin and sweat remnants with the gentle acid exfoliants found in our Deep Clean Body Wash. You won’t find a better body wash for athletes that smells as wonderful and cleanses as deeply as this one! 

Once you’re cleaned up, apply some of our aluminum-free spray deodorant, which is formulated with prebiotics to feed good bacteria on your skin and kick odor-producing bacteria to the curb. This product can also be used as a fragrance over your body and clothing as it leaves no stains on clothing.

Soothe your skin with creatine and vitamin C in our Facial Hydrator for a final touch. This fast-absorbing lightweight moisturizer is oil-free and works with any sweat that might linger, providing deep hydration without a greasy residue.

7- Combination Lock

What may be more important than wondering what to put in your gym locker is how to secure it. You can keep your personal possessions and workout essentials safe with a combination lock, which you can find at most stores, that only you know the code to. 

Try finding one with a unique design to make it easy to spot yours when it’s time to clean up.

8- Hair Accessories

No matter the length or style of your hair, it’s likely that it will be messed up by your workout routine. 

Bring a comb, brush, hair ties, etc., to touch things up before you head out of the gym. You may also want to consider products like dry shampoo or mousse to bring sweaty, limp hair stands back to life.

9- Shower shoes

A wise inclusion to your gym essentials is a strong pair of shower shoes. These can be flip-flops, sandals, or any other open-toed pair that will keep your feet safe from any bacteria found on shower floors.

10- Fitness Monitor or Activity Accessories

Smartwatches and fitness trackers that measure heart rate, movement, and other vitals, are some of the best gym accessories and can help you stay on top of your progress. If you bring one to the gym, it might be wise to keep a case along with it to protect it from other items in your bag.

Another way to enhance your workout is by bringing your own equipment to the gym. If you’re a yogi, consider bringing your own mat. Or, if you lean toward strength-building and resistance exercises, bring along your favorite dumbbells or resistance bands to save time.

11- Snacks

If you’ve worked up an appetite, you’ll be glad to return to a delicious and nutritious snack once you get to your gym bag. 

Options high in protein and fiber can help fill you up and keep you satiated for longer. Protein bars are an obvious choice, as are protein shakes, but you can also bring nuts, fruits, and even dry cereal to munch on post-workout.

12- Emergency Supplies

Make sure your locker at the gym has all you’ll need to manage any unexpected obstacles that might arise. You never know when a headache might hit or when your phone battery might decide to die on you. 

Some supplies you might want to keep on hand include:

  • Allergy and pain medications
  • Menstrual products
  • Phone or watch chargers
  • Extra hair ties
  • Extra underwear or socks

13- Membership card

Depending on the size of the gym you attend you might have to show your membership card, download an app or scan your fingerprint to access. Whatever the case, make sure to have the card or the app ready and updated, so you don’t waste time at the entrance and can make the most of your training time.

Final Thoughts

No matter where your next workout takes you, OffCourt is here to provide sweat-friendly hygiene products to help you stay fresh and confident. 

Our exfoliating bar soap, body washes, deodorant body spray, and fragrances for athletes will set you apart from the rest and walk out smelling better than ever. Check out our full range of products to find more ways to elevate your post-workout routine.

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