A Look at OffCourt's Deep Cleansing Body Wash: The Best-Smelling Body Wash for All

Whether you’re hitting the gym, running errands, or lounging at home, you deserve body care products that work as hard as you do. OffCourt understands how vital it is to design products that are functional no matter where you’re at. Our Deep Cleansing Body Wash was created for athletes and those living an active lifestyle. It’s lightweight enough to be gentle on the skin but powerful enough to cleanse even the most stubborn dirt and grime away.

Introducing the Best Body Wash for Men, Women, & Everyone

Say goodbye to itchy skin, clogged pores, and body washes that just don’t get the job done. No matter your skin type, OffCourt’s Deep Cleansing Body Wash is made for you. A carefully designed formula made with ingredients your skin will love makes this the best body wash for any and everyone. 

We’ve added glycolic and lactic acids to a calming, sulfate-free formula that easily lathers up to give you a deep scrub. Wash the lather away to reveal brighter, smoother skin with an improved microbiome and uber-soft feel.

What Makes Deep Cleansing Body Wash Unique?

We’re proud to say that our Deep Cleansing Body Wash is kind enough to your skin to work for daily use. But that doesn’t mean it slacks on the exfoliating, skin-boosting properties; our formula helps combat signs of aging and helps your skin maintain a healthy pH balance so it looks and feels amazing. We set out to create the best body wash for dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin in one product. How did we do it? By skipping the drying harsh additives and counting on a simple blend of ingredients we know we can trust. 

Designed to Work With Your Body

OffCourt’s Deep Cleansing Body Wash was designed with your body’s needs and functionality in mind. Instead of counting on irritating detergents to wash away sweat and dirt, we rely on gentle chemical exfoliants. You won’t find any beads or gritty additives here; chemical exfoliation is gentler on the skin, which makes it an ideal part of a daily hygiene routine.

We know that getting rid of dead skin that clogs up pores as you sweat is a key part of any body wash for athletes. We also know that going too hard on your skin can leave it vulnerable to irritation and injury as you go about the rest of your day. Our Deep Cleansing Body wash ticks all the right boxes without overdoing it.

Choose From Our Luxurious Signature Scents

It’s impossible to compare to the unique and complex fragrances that you’ll find in our Deep Cleansing Body Wash. In fact, we’d argue it’s the best-smelling body wash on the market. Pair it with our matching body sprays or fragrances for a finish that will last all day. Can’t choose just one scent? Try all three in our Deep Cleansing Wash Trio Pack to see which is the best fit.

Coconut Water + Sandalwood

Scent Notes: Bergamot, Meyer lemon, black pepper, coconut water, geranium, sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli

Ideal for: Those who like a heavier, darker scent. Great for nights out on the town, first dates, or even as a daily refresher. 

Inspired by our Coconut Water + Sandalwood Body Spray, this coconut body wash brings the same light, woodsy goodness to the table.

Deep Cleansing Body Wash - Coconut Water + Sandalwood


Fig Leaves + White Musk

Scent Notes: Italian fig leaves, lime, green figs, bergamot, violet leaves, rosewood, cedar, vetiver, white musk

Ideal for: Anyone looking for a balanced yet uplifting scent. Fans of florals will love this combination of natural notes and deep, musky undertones.

Immerse yourself in something sweet and sophisticated with this fig body wash, which is perfect for everyday use.

Deep Cleansing Body Wash - Fig Leaves + White Musk


Fresh Citron + Driftwood

Scent Notes: Italian lemon, green apple, grapefruit, mandarin, cedarwood, patchouli, sea breeze, green violet leaves, white musk

Ideal for: Fans of citrus and fruity fragrances. Great for an energizing morning shower.

Smell as divine as you look with Fresh Citron + Driftwood; it’s heavy on the fruity undertones with unique notes like sea breeze and white musk to keep it interesting. 

Deep Cleansing Body Wash - Fresh Citron + Driftwood


Try Deep Cleansing Body Wash for Yourself 

If you’re an athlete, exercise often, or are simply someone who likes to take good care of their skin, OffCourt is here for you. Our products have been created to work hard so that you can focus on what matters most. Try our Deep Cleansing Body Wash today to see the difference for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Deep Cleansing Body Wash

Still not sold? Check out these common questions and answers about our Deep Cleansing Body Wash for even more insight. 

What's in OffCourt's Deep Cleansing Body Wash?

Our Deep Cleansing Body Wash is powered by skin-friendly ingredients that deeply cleanse without causing irritation, including lactic and glycolic acids. It’s also rich in hydrating and soothing ingredients, including plenty of water, to keep your skin moisturized and healthy.

Is cleansing wash the same as body wash?

Yes, OffCourt’s Deep Cleansing Body Wash is the same as a body wash – but that’s not to say it’s just any body wash. Our sulfate-free formula lathers up to wash away the day’s impurities without stripping your skin of moisture. It also packs a unique, uplifting scent that’s sure to leave you feeling refreshed.

What's the difference between soap and body wash?

A bar soap is, unsurprisingly, usually in the shape of a bar. These hard soaps are created using fats and oils mixed with an alkali. Meanwhile, body washes are usually made of mostly water and detergents that help your skin get clean. 

Bar soaps usually have a higher pH, while body washes are formulated to be closer to your skin’s natural pH levels. That means body washes are gentler on your skin and less likely to disrupt its moisture barrier. Whether bar soap or body wash – or both – is best for your skin will depend on your needs and preferences.

What's the best exfoliating body wash?

OffCourt’s Deep Cleansing Body Wash is the best choice for regular exfoliation that won’t damage your skin. Our formula perfectly balances a deep clean with the essentials your skin needs to look and feel its best. We’ve created our body wash to be hard on dirt, not on your pores so that you can kick acne, irritation, and unwanted odors to the curb.

What's the best-smelling body wash?

OffCourt’s Deep Cleansing Body Wash comes in three signature scents, each with its own profile. You won’t find more unique and nuanced scents anywhere else. Choose from bright citrus notes, musky or woody tones, and fresh, natural hints that will turn heads – and noses. 

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