Performance Body Spray

Fig Leaves + White Musk

3.4 oz

Yeah, you’ll probably fall in love at first sniff, but the Performance Body Spray is so much more than just odor-masking-fragrance-in-a-can. It’s an innovative, aluminum-free deodorant formulated with powerful prebiotics and three deodorizing ingredients that fight body odor at its source.

Technical specs:

  • Cleansing agents wipe the bacterial-slate clean
  • Aluminum-free, odor-controlling active ingredients regulate odor production, while powerful deodorizing agents trap odor at its source
  • Prebiotics support the growth of “good” bacteria, keeping the odor-causing kind in check


A scent for every mood or activity – from a quick blast of freshness to all-day staying power. Get the entire collection and unlock free shipping. 

Black pepper wakes you up, sandalwood draws you in. A fresh and woody scent that sustains all day, while fresh coconut water and the energizing citrus of bergamot keep things from getting too heavy. More here.

There are two sides to fig, and this is the verdant, green leafy side, not the overripe sweet fruit side. All that green is balanced by white musk, which brings the clean feeling of a freshly laundered white t-shirt. Awake and ready to go. More here

Our lightest, cleanest scent. A combination of mandarin, grapefruit, and lemon that blend together seamlessly, balanced with crisp green apple , and subtle driftwood for depth and body. As refreshing as a cold shower after a long run. More here

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Top notch

I love all 3 scents and this stuff works as a deodorant very well I highly recommend this stuff, I’ve tried a lot of men’s products and nothing comes close to this stuff this isn’t a paid sponsor either buy this you won’t be disappointed!!!

Love it!

I use to be a regular Axe user, but really like OffCourt scents! Consider me converted.

In a pinch

So convenient and easy. Scent is incredible...
My office thanks me after my workout.

Best scents and a product that works wonders!

I bought a trio pack of Offcourt for myself and also something that I could pass over to my tween twin sons who are getting to that smelly boy stage (especially after sports). I have never been happier with a product. Hands-down the best smelling and best deodorant spray I have ever used. I have been through many of the better quality, non-aluminum brands but I have found a keeper. Great product and my sons also love it!

My husband smells great

Bought the three pack for my husband to try and both of us love it! He’s sensitive to a lot of deodorants so it’s great that it doesn’t cause any irritation. He somehow smells great after workouts. Will definitely be buying again!