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Fine Fragrances for Daily Use 

Genderless fresh scents that will guarantee you a compliment

Premium, fresh scents that last all day

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  • OffCourt fragrance gift set: A collection of vibrant and unique fragrances, perfect for gifting.

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Genderless Fragrances Designed
By Hall-of-Famers

Fresh Citron +

Citrusy fresh scent with a light
 woody base

Fragrance notes

Green apple, grapefruit, mandarin, Italian lemon, sea breeze, driftwood, cedarwood

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Fig Leaves +
White Musk

Green, crisp scent with a
touch of mystery

Fragrance notes

Lime, bergamot, green fig leaves, green figs, vetiver, white musk

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Coconut Water +

Bold woody scent with a splash
of freshness

Fragrance notes

Sandalwood, cedarwood, black pepper, bergamot, coconut water

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Making the 🌎 smell better, one customer at a time

Affordable and Exceptional 

"Great scent, lasts all day. Affordability is through the roof. It’s nice to have a premium feeling/smelling cologne that doesn’t make you move money from your savings to your checking when you need to buy a new bottle. Went for one I thought i’d like based on other stuff I like and it was such a smooth inoffensive scent it made me want to try the other 2 as well. Definitely will be collecting them all!"

RJ Hays

Love all 3 fragrances 

"I love the fragrances, the convenience and the fast fix that this spray is. It is just what I’ve been hoping for, for those in-between times when I need a quick reset."

Alex R 

Great Scent 

"Of all of the Offcourt scent, coconut water and sandalwood is my favorite. I used the sprays for the last year and I’ve loved it. When the cologne became available, I bought it! It smells like a $200 cologne. I can’t believe the price. I have now bought 3 more of the coconut water and sandalwood fragrance to be set for the entire 2023. Well done OffCourt!"


How Others Describe Our Scents 

OffCourt Fragrance gift set: A collection of vibrant and unique fragrances, perfect for gifting.


Fragrance Trio Pack

Our premium signature Fragrances – value-bundled and perfect for sharing or personal-caring. Each bottle is individually packaged and ready to gift – or keep them all if you like to switch it up with our 3 signature scents!

Fresh Citron + Driftwood: Fresh, Clean & Zesty

Our lightest and freshest scent with citrus notes and a slight woodiness for body and depth.

Fig Leaves + White Musk: Green, Fresh & Complex

Medium-bodied and complex with green, earthy notes and white musk for a clean, crisp finish.

Coconut Water + Sandalwood: Rich, Bold & Intriguing

Our deepest scent with warm woody notes, refreshing coconut water, and light and herbal undertones.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We hope you love your OffCourt, but if for any reason that’s not the case, we understand.
Our 100% risk-free money back guarantee ensures that you can return your purchase within 14 days from your delivery.
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Acts as both aluminum-free deodorant and premium fragrance, and designed to be used under-arm, on the body or over the clothing, as it leaves no stain.

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