The Next Generation of Natural Deodorant

2-in-1 deodorant spray and fragrance combined into one product that can be used under-arm, on the body, or over clothing

Premium genderless scents that will guarantee you a compliment

Free of aluminum, baking soda & starch

Environmentally-friendly propellant

Leaves no stains or residue



  • OffCourt trio pack of deodorants

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Genderless Scents Designed By Fragrance Hall-of-Famers

Fresh Citron +

Citrusy fresh scent with a light
 woody base

Fragrance notes

Green apple, grapefruit, mandarin, Italian lemon, sea breeze, driftwood, cedarwood

Fig Leaves +
White Musk

Green, crisp scent with a
touch of mystery

Fragrance notes

Lime, bergamot, green fig leaves, green figs, vetiver, white musk

Coconut Water +

Bold woody scent with a splash
of freshness

Fragrance notes

Sandalwood, cedarwood, black pepper, bergamot, coconut water

Making the 🌎 smell better,
one customer at a time

This is a great product!

"Love this product! Not overwhelming but a nice subtle long lasting scent. Perfect for after a workout or a quick refreshing spray before running errands.. highly recommend!"

RJ Hays

Good Stuff!

Cuts BO down to size instantly and delivers a sophisticated scent. I couldn’t ask for more performance. It’s a game changer for people who are tired of masking oder with the same sprays/scents that you’d find in a junior high locker room. A quick spray after hitting the gym and I am good to go. Fresh and clean!

Adam B.


I love the fragrances, the convenience and the fast fix that this spray is. It is just what I’ve been hoping for, for those in-between times when I need a quick reset.

Carolyn Bently


Performance Body Spray - Trio Pack

The trio pack has an answer for every mood – from a quick blast of freshness to all-day staying power. The Performance Body Spray gets noticed for its fresh scents, but it’s more than just odor-masking fragrance-in-a-can. This powerful body spray is an innovative, aluminum-free deodorant formulated with prebiotics and three deodorizing ingredients to fight body odor at its source.

Technical specs:

  • Cleansing agents wipe the bacterial slate clean
  • Aluminum-free, odor-controlling active ingredients act as deodorants and regulate odor production, while powerful deodorizing agents trap odor at its source
  • Prebiotics support the growth of “good” bacteria, keeping the odor-causing kind in check

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We hope you love your OffCourt, but if for any reason that’s not the case, we understand.
    Our 100% risk-free money back guarantee ensures that you can return your purchase within 14 days from your delivery.
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