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Why You Need Prebiotics In Your Deodorant Body Spray

Probiotics are a big deal these days, appearing in everything from luxe natural skincare to kimchi and other fermented foods. But what about prebiotics?

What are prebiotics?


Essentially, prebiotics are food for the bacteria that appears in your gut and whole body. It’s a term commonly found in conversations for gut health, but it’s just as important for effective skin care too.

Prebiotics are a strain of dietary fiber that’s indigestible for humans but an important food source for bacteria. Think of them like a superfood for our body’s microbiome—the ecosystem of microbiota—that feed the healthy bacteria naturally living on our skin. Prebiotics naturally appear in foods like whole grains and avocados, but should be topically applied to reap the benefits on your skin, like in a prebiotic deodorant spray.

What causes body odor?


Just like in the gut, our skin has an abundance of “good” and “bad” bacteria that compete for resources to survive. Sweat doesn’t smell bad on its own—the “bad” bacterium Staphylococcus hominis breaks down sweat molecules, which creates characteristically unpleasant body odor. Meanwhile, good bacteria help our skin protect the body from foreign invaders and a variety of different skin conditions. Maintaining the proper balance of good bacteria to fight off the odor-causing bacteria will keep you smelling fresh.

Prebiotic deodorant benefits


Frequent showering and other forms of excessive cleanliness can wash away our skin’s all-important good bacteria. Plus, antibacterial soaps don’t only target bad bacteria—they attack any bacteria they come across. Instead of asking about the best deodorant to kill bacteria, ask yourself: what is the best deodorant to nourish the good kind? Nourishing the skin's microbiome with prebiotics is the best way to fight odor-causing bacteria and support the kind we want.

Do prebiotic deodorants really work?


Yes! Deodorants containing prebiotics fuel good bacteria, which in turn helps them fight bad bacteria and body odor. Continued use of prebiotic deodorant can help keep the skin’s biome in check while reducing the risk of skin irritations like eczema, allowing the skin to perform its role as a barrier to pathogens.

OffCourt's Performance Body Spray with Prebiotics


That’s why OffCourt’s Performance Body Spray with Prebiotics is in a league of its own. The aluminum-free formula allows your body to sweat naturally and stay cool, while prebiotics nourish good bacteria to keep the odor-causing kind in check. Finally, a deodorizing base laced with premium modern scents leaves you smelling great.