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When should body spray be used?

After you get out of the shower or bath in the morning, you should apply your body spray by spraying it all over your body. Including body spray as a staple in your morning routine is a great way to ensure you’re smelling fresh as you start your day. Whether you take a light shower, a soaking bath, or decide to get up and go, your trusty body spray is a daily refreshing assurance.

Body spray can also be reapplied lightly throughout your day for renewed freshness. Post-workout, pre-meeting, or on your way out to a post-work meeting, you can smell great on the go. The lightweight fragrance of body spray will leave you smelling beautiful and feeling refreshed for the day ahead, and they will also help keep your skin hydrated.

What is deodorant used for?

Proteins and lipids in your perspiration combine with the bacteria on your skin to produce a smell that is known as body odor. Both an increase in the population of bacteria and the presence of apocrine glands are present in those areas of your body that are responsible for the production of an odor when you sweat. For a more in-depth discussion see our earlier post on What Causes Body Odor and How to Prevent It.

Deodorants contain fragrance in order to mask or cover up body odor. This is typically achieved through the use of several agents including fragrant essential oils or other scented ingredients. In addition to providing a pleasant scent, the best body spray deodorants also contain antimicrobial agents that eliminate microorganisms on the skin, reducing the likelihood of odor-causing bacteria when you sweat. See our Deodorant vs Body Spray head-to-head for more on the topic.

Where to spray deodorant?

After you come out of the shower, you should be sure to apply some deodorant spray to the region under your arms. However, you must hold off until your skin has completely dried before starting.

You may also reapply your deodorant in the middle of the day to get an on-the-go refreshment. You are in luck since you can buy portable-sized deodorants to keep at work, in your gym bag, or even in your purse. This will make applying deodorant in the middle of the day much simpler and handier.

What is in body spray?

Most deodorant body sprays contain a propellant along with a fragrance to mask odors. The refreshing and deodorizing ingredients used to make OffCourt’s body sprays include:

  • Cleansing agents to wipe the bacterial slate clean
  • Aluminum-free, odor-controlling key ingredients regulate odor production, while powerful deodorizing agents trap odor at its source
  • Prebiotic ingredient supports the growth of “good” bacteria, keeping the odor-causing kind in check
  • Alcohol Denat. has several uses and advantages, including being an excellent solvent, a penetration booster, a cosmetically exquisite and light formula creator, and an excellent astringent and antibacterial.

Where to find aluminum-free body spray

An effective, aluminum-free deodorant spray, OffCourt's 2-in-1 deodorant cologne is a great grooming addition. Each spray of deodorant includes multiple distinct deodorizing agents, in addition to prebiotics, created to battle odor at its source.

Our Coconut Water + Sandalwood body spray is one of three distinct scents that are offered in our lineup of premium fragrances. Because of this, our body sprays are the perfect option for quick revitalization on the go. You won't want to leave the house without giving yourself a spritz beforehand!