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Inside the Scent: A Fresh Take on Sandalwood

Anchored by cedar and sandalwood, balanced by coconut water and bergamot, this scent takes inspiration from long runs in the woods and Ralph Lauren’s billiard room in Architectural Digest (look it up). 

If sandalwood makes you think of incense, yoga studios, or five-star hotel lobbies cranking in Le Labo Santal 33—you’re close, but this isn’t that heady (or expensive). Here, the sandalwood is brought out of the deep woods with light cedar and coconut water. Not sweet, Coppertone coconut, but subtle coconut water that hydrates the skin. The stuff you might be drinking after a workout, or during one. Then there’s bright black pepper, enough to wake you up without making your coworkers sneeze. It’s slightly savory and keeps you coming back for more, as does bergamot, that mysterious Italian citrus that’s like a mashup of bitter orange, fresh-picked herbs, and just-squeezed limes all at once. Bergamot is an ingredient you'll find in high-end fragrances but rarely at this price point. It adds a little something extra, like cashmere socks. No single note dominates, distracts, or shouts from the sidelines. 

It’s a woody, energizing scent developed by a hall-of-fame perfumer behind some of the most luxurious fragrances on the market. In our lineup, this one has the longest legs. Sturdy sandalwood stays close to the body all day, through endless meetings, hill repeats, or whatever you’re up to out there. 

This is a deep and inviting scent, for those who have both a dark and a light side—but find equilibrium between the two.