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Scented or Unscented Exfoliating Soap: Choosing The Best Fragrance.

Scented or Unscented Exfoliating Soap: Choosing The Best Fragrance.

Skincare is not a one-size-fits-all exercise, and that translates into the various practices that make up any body care routine, such as exfoliation. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. There are several body exfoliating products, and exfoliating bar soaps are a rather popular choice. However, there’s still the option of scented or unscented exfoliating soaps. Before we dive into those, let’s take a closer look at why exfoliating soaps matter;

Benefits of Using Exfoliating Soaps

  • Evens Skin Tone

Getting rid of dead cells is a major step towards a brighter complexion because you’re aiding the skin’s turnover process. With a good exfoliating soap, you clear the skin's surface, removing the cells that comprise dark spots and hyperpigmented regions. This way, over time, you unveil the fresh, smooth, and, importantly, even-toned skin underneath. 

  • Opens Pores 

A buildup of dead skin cells seals off your pores, and this traps oil and bacteria in the skin, ultimately causing acne breakouts and inflammation. However, exfoliating soaps help you clear out these dead cells. They unclog your pores and ensure your skin is clean and blemish-free. 

  • Primes Skin To Absorb Products 

An exfoliating bar soap sloughs off the dead skin layer and allows moisture to seep into the skin. This allows other products in your body care routine to penetrate deep enough, thus increasing their effectiveness. Better moisture and nutrient absorption mean healthier, softer skin. 

  • Smoothes Fine Lines and Wrinkles 

Rather than a direct effect of exfoliation, this is a culmination of its other benefits. Increased moisture reduces dryness, leaving your skin softer and smoother. Meanwhile, shedding dead skin cells gets rid of buildup allowing your skin to regenerate. Learn more about exfoliating soaps here

Pros and Cons: Scented and Unscented Exfoliating Soaps 

Beyond providing a good body fragrance, a scented exfoliating soap can create a nice showering experience while also having the benefit of masking potentially unpleasant smells from functional ingredients within the soap formula. Unscented soaps lack this beneficial sensory experience, however they can be more tolerable for those with particularly sensitive skin due to the absence of added fragrance.

Should You Use Scented Exfoliating Soaps? 

As long as you're seeking sophisticated, fresh scents akin to OffCourt products it's a resounding YES from us (you might as well enjoy the experience and smell great in the process!). Exfoliating fragrance soaps can provide a slew of benefits depending on the specific ingredients in their formulation. As previously mentioned, skincare products are not one-off items, so it’s essential to consider your skin type and sensitivity. Notably, this also plays into how often you exfoliate; read a little more on that here

Choosing the best fragrance

OffCourt’s men exfoliating body soap formula is available in three sophisticated scent options. To help you decide which one best fits your needs, here’s a brief overview of what each fragrance has to offer;

  • Coconut Water + Sandalwood

Often used in aromatherapy, soft, woody sandalwood is known to encourage calmness it’s distinctive fragrance combats anxiety, helps alleviate depression, can reduce stress and helps with insomnia. Coconut water adds freshness to balance things out creating a deep and inviting scent.

  • Fig Leaves + White Musk

Musk offers a grounded, earthy scent that works for a clean, natural fragrance, a perfect fit for an exfoliating soap. Musk carries relaxing sedative properties and is also a common skincare component as it hydrates and detoxifies. Fig leaves provide a fresh, green and clean scent working along with white musk to give this fragrance a signature crisp, medium-bodied experience.

  • Fresh Citron + Driftwood

Fresh, airy driftwood invokes thoughts of calming seaside breezes. It’s a common component in hydrating as well as anti-aging products. Fresh citron leads the way in this fragrance, creating a burst of citrus and touch of minerality in our cleanest, lightest scent.


Choosing a fragrance for your scented exfoliating soap ultimately comes down to personal preference. You can carefully experiment with different scents before settling on one that suits your taste and skin type.