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How to use body spray?

Employing the use of a body spray is an excellent method for subtly perfuming one's body. After bathing, many people like to spritz various parts of their bodies with a body spray, which is different from perfume or cologne in that it is not as heavy. Even if conventional perfume and cologne are applied more sparingly than body spray, it is still vital to apply them in moderation so as not to cause nose discomfort in other people or to overwhelm them with overpowering odors.

How long does body spray last?

The majority of body mists and spritzers have a nice fragrance that lasts throughout the day without becoming overbearing. Since the lifetime of a body mist is less than that of perfume—it only lasts for up to four hours—you'll need to reapply your body mist many times throughout the day if you want the lovely fragrance to linger for as long as possible.

However, enhanced deodorant body sprays can last up to 8 hours due to their performance formulas which often include specialist ingredients like prebiotics making them a good choice for long, active, and sweaty days.

Where do you apply body spray?

 Once you have found a desirable scent, it is good to start with a light all-over spray as you can always add more or reapply as needed. You can use body spray for men and body spray for women on different parts of your body and clothes to assist with maintaining a pleasant odor for an extended period of time. Also, if you would like to know how to optimize your body spray use, check out [When should body spray be used].

Can I use body spray instead of perfume/cologne?

On the one hand, body spray helps you to maintain your cool throughout the day providing a refreshing comfort when you spray. It is also the most efficient approach to freshening up on your way to the next meeting you have scheduled or when hurrying between plans. Body spray deodorant, however, in addition to being light and refreshing, helps to fight and mask body odor. 

Some high-performing varieties – like OffCourt's lineup of performance body sprays –  have the added benefit of acting like a perfume or cologne. They were designed with elevated fresh scents that are capable of providing scent coverage for hours without overpowering when applied generously to the body and clothing.

How to make body spray last longer?

In addition to typical odor problem areas like the armpits, pulse points are the most effective locations to aim for, including the neck, chest, wrists, behind the ears, and even knees and elbows. We are not suggesting that you’ll need to hit on all of those spots though – spray responsibly. 

If someone is soaking themselves in body deodorant spray, even the most subtle scents may become overwhelming to the senses. Instead, you should choose a few pulse points and give those regions a spritz or two to make the body spray last longer. This will help you to avoid over-spraying.

Which is the longest-lasting body spray?

OffCourt’s performance body spray is a long-lasting,  2-in-1, aluminum-free deodorant spray that keeps you protected for up to 8 hours. You do not have to worry about constant reapplication throughout the day, you can just go about your day feeling refreshed!