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Inside the Scent: Smell Completely, Utterly Clean — Even If You Aren’t

When you get out of the shower and just want to smell like, well, you just got out of the shower. This is that.

A scent inspired by CK One, cold plunges after hard workouts, and sparkling water from the Swiss Alps. Our cleanest, lightest scent is a dive into clear, blue water. We invested nearly three times as much as other deodorant companies to develop base fragrances for our products that are as complex and balanced as luxury colognes and perfumes. Airy driftwood gives it body and depth, a grounding baseline of light wood. There’s a touch of minerality, as they say in the wine world, reminiscent of slate and the sidewalk after a rainstorm—just go with it.

But citrus leads the way, here. Forget the citrus ingrained in your nostrils from lemony-fresh counter cleaners, the ones that smell more like a lab than an orchard. This is a blend of mandarin, grapefruit, and lemon that become so intertwined you can’t quite pinpoint any of them. There’s even a bite of crisp green apple in the details. All of it combines to make a scent that’ll keep your day fresh, no matter how sweaty it gets.