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Inside the Scent: When You Don’t Want To Smell Like Everyone Else

This is the greenest green scent and it’ll hook you immediately. It’s inspired by biking around Mediterranean islands and hiking in Big Sur after a spring rain

The green centers around fig leaves, which are just that—fresh, verdant leaves. You can almost smell the summer sun hitting them. We left out the fig’s fruit here, which is ripe, sweet, intense, and better in an over-priced candle…or on a cheese plate. Then there’s a second, deeper green note from vetiver, a sought-after ingredient used regularly in high-end fragrances, perhaps you've encountered it before but couldn't quite describe it. Vetiver is mossy, almost-woody, and helps provide all-day staying power and a touch of mystery. To round out the scent, white musk arrives as clean and crisp as white linens drying on the clothesline. 

We worked with some of the country’s top noses (yes they’re really called that) to create a scent that’s worlds away from what you’d normally find in the deodorant aisle. It’s a unique, inviting fragrance that testers reported prompted a lot of compliments and the question: what is that? (It’s the fig leaves.) 

A scent for people who want a signature scent all their own; this one manages to be bright and fresh, and at the same time, complex and long-lasting.