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Deodorant vs. Body Spray

What’s The Difference Between Deodorant and Body Spray?

If you’ve ever wandered the personal care aisle of a drugstore in search of something – anything! – to mask the unmistakable smell of sweat, you know picking the right product can be overwhelming. Aisles overflow with brands of spray, deodorants and sticks that promise to banish body odor. The buzzwords are everywhere: Dual action! Clinical strength! Aluminum-free! It’s a lot to process.

So what is the difference between deodorant and body spray anyways? Here’s a quick breakdown of each one’s attributes:

Deodorant vs Body Spray

In other words, both men’s body spray and deodorant use scent to mask odor caused by bacteria on the skin mixing with perspiration from active sweat glands. Most body spray products are spritzed on your body and clothes like a cologne, while deodorants are applied directly to your skin (usually your armpits) in either spray or stick form and may contain chemicals to kill the bacteria (i.e. microbial).

What about Antiperspirant?

Antiperspirant deodorant goes a step further and prevents sweating in the area it’s applied, usually with an aluminum-based ingredient. Antiperspirants are actually categorized as a drug – rather than cosmetic – because they affect a natural body function by reducing how much sweat reaches the skin’s surface.

Body Spray 2.0 – The OffCourt Advantage

Now, there’s a third option. The active formula driving OffCourt’s Performance Body Spray combines the power of deodorant with the long-lasting scent of body spray. Unlike antiperspirant deodorants, we want you to sweat freely. After all, sweat is how our bodies evolved to naturally keep cool in warm climates and while exercising!

But rest assured: you won’t smell bad. We spent hours in the lab creating a powerful deodorizing base packed with prebiotics to regulate odor-causing bacteria on your skin over time and trap smells at the source. Then we layered in premium modern fragrances like citrus, suede, and white musk for a signature smell that’s miles beyond the middle school locker room. Unlike the overpowering cologne and body sprays you may have tried before, the fresh daily fragrance will keep you smelling great for approximately 6–8 hours. We also skipped baking soda and aluminum to avoid awkward stains, so you can spray over your favorite clothing without risk of ruining it. Apply it to your chest, arms, and back to fight sweat at the source, or spritz over your favorite hoodie to smell fresh on repeat.